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Social Architects



Kulwa Mawusi Apara, MSc

Founder & Visionary

Oakland, California / Washington, DC

Kulwa is a multi-lingual solutions driven health management and design specialist. She creates and curates corageous spaces for providers and consumers to achieve optimal wellness outcomes. Kulwa constructs platforms for traditionally excluded voices, effectively shifting discourse and access.


Tesfaye Wondimu

Senior Youth Consultant

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tesfaye is an innovative community design strategist and Amharic-English interpreter. Coming of age in the Kidane Mehret Orphanage, Tesfaye brings a unique communal approach to creating cutting edge projects for urban African settings. A native to Ethiopia, Tesfaye is currently pursuing his university studies in design with minors in philosphy and literature.

Translation & Consulting Specialities:

  • Legal

  • Marketing

  • Health

  • Community impact design

  • Education 

  • Literacy

Team: Team
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