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Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Deep Roots Health Co.


consortium (n):

con·​sor·​tium | An agreement, combination, or group formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member.

Who We Are

  • DRHCo. is a consulting firm and think-tank comprised of industry vanguards in the fields of health, tech, linguistics, and cultural-arts.

  • DRHCo. centers African and Indigenous pedagogy in our solution building, while also integrating aligned Western principles. 

What We Do

  • DRHCo. is committed to training service industry professionals the art of disrupting and dismantling systemic oppression.

  • DRHCo. is invested in the empowerment of marginalized communities.

What We Stand For

  • DRHCo. is dedicated to the eradication of structural inequalities world-wide.

  • DRHCo. is dedicated to the implementation of world-wide structural equity.

  • DRHCo. believes access to quality health, education, and technology is a fundamental right to every human being.

  • DRHCo. believes in the right of all womxn and children to be safe and protected from all forms of violence.

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